1. Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person to the principal by one who will be responsible for the child.
  2. The minimum age for admission to the Nursery class is 3 years. The admission form should be filled in by the Parents/ Guardian only.
  3. A student coming from any other school will have to appear for an entrance examination in main subjects. Admission depends on the performance in this examination.
  4. Any pupil coming to school fresh from home should produce an official birth certificate from the panchayat to verify the date of birth given in the admission form.
  5. Pupil coming from other schools must produce the transfer certificate from the school last attended duly counter signed by the BEO/DEO.
  6. A student may be removed by school authorities on any of the following grounds.
    1. Irregular Attendance.
    2. Constant weakness in studies.
    3. Habitual idleness and disobedience.
    4. Behavioural problem.
    5. Indifference to the school activities.
    6. Moral breach considered serious by the school authorities.
    7. Failing two times in the same class.
  7. The Principal has the right to refuse the continuation of studies to any pupil in this school, whose conduct or behaviour is notsatisfactory.
  8. Transfer Certificate will be released only on clearance of the school dues.
  9. Application for T.C. should be submitted two days in advance. No T.C. will be issued during holidays.
  10. A student who takes T.C. from the school will not be readmitted in the same academic year for what so ever reason.

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